When I say sorry, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.!


There is no perfect relationship.! Sounds bitter, but it’s true.! Unlike movies and fairy tales there is no happily ever after.! There is no happy ending.! Even in movies they show a part of life, not the whole life, cause every phase of life has it’s ups and downs.

Life is never simple. There are hard times in relationships, cause people are influenced by “situations” . I don’t say they change totally according to situation but  situations sure do have their influence. So this got me thinking, why do people fight and what they expect in return? Mostly whatever the fight may be for in the end they want to see if the other person really cares. Learning all this made me really confused. So I asked one of my confidant, what would you do if someone is mad because of you? She replied I’d go and apologize. I asked what if its not you fault? She said I won’t.

My nature is such that, I can’t keep silent for long. So I asked how would you solve the problem if you don’t even discuss about it .What she replied was pretty meaningful. She said that if you love that person you’d apologize. If you love them and care for them you need to accept their good with their bad, only then u can love them truly.

But then, I love myself too..! How can I be happy if I keep compromising? But then, to me sorry doesn’t mean that I’m wrong and the other person is right. Sorry to me is what ever the reason was, even though I’m right, you are hurt and I am the reason.! Sometime unknowingly we try to explain ourselves when the other person in hurt., it only shows that you are all concerned about what’s right . So blind, that you don’t even see that the other person is hurt and you are the reason.! Sometimes it really isn’t about right and wrong its about caring for other person’s feeling. So for once in your life, keep all the facts aside  and see how the other person is feeling about you. Call me sensitive, call me dramatic I am who I am.

Trust me ,saying sorry will only make you more matured and more understanding. Don’t hesitate to apologize to people who are really worthy. You might not get a chance later.! But then don’t use the word too often too.! Sometimes it might loose it’s true meaning.! So make an effort to keep your relationship alive.!

Learn’t it one fine day.!


I’m not a quitter !! I’m not lazy !! I just can’t compromise !!


Society, society, society..! Well I’m not practicing how to spell, but just thinking how much people care about society. Most of the stuff what we do is to show that we are living according to society.

For instance let’s take marriage. out of 100% I’d say about 40% live together for society. They are scared to leave cause either people may judge them and be harsh to them or they are dependent on their husband ( who might be good for nothing in some cases ). Well that’s about marriage! There are even worse cases when we think about other aspects.! Let’s take education. I just wonder if people really understand the concept of education. Education in its general sense is a process of skill development . It doesn’t mean Engineering, MBBS or MBA.

I don’t say that it is like that everywhere, but yeah from what I’ve seen parents these days don’t really encourage kids to opt for a field what child likes.!Most common thing what they say is “she’s just a kid.! how would she know what to choose?”. But is she really a kid? It simply means that parents did not give the kid so much exposure to even think what she wants in life ! They put in lakhs of rupees for what?? Just to see kids do what parents want? is it all really worth it? Well, that I highly doubt !

So my point is what is the ultimate outcome?? Do we have any benefits living according to the society? Well, I can’t see any so far..!!Actually it is easy for people who can compromise. The main problem is with people who can’t. They become more and more confused cause that’s not what they want in life. Frustration keeps building up cause they loose their true self.! Most of all once when you are done with what others want for you, you’ll go to a blank state. There won’t be any future cause what you have done so far means nothing to you. But the point to be noted is.., there won’t be this so called “society” to help you out then.!

What if we don’t really follow society? well there are complications in that too.! If you  don’t do what they want you will be given tags such as lazy, quitter, unfit, adamant etc.. Cause basic things what people do usually and may be easily, you somehow don’t.! Parents most of all keep in mind even the most simple things that we like as children, what happens later?? Is it their fear of society or their love that makes them do all this? Well people before judging  n giving  tags just give a thought that there could be a reason behind them neglecting .! May be they don’t really want it!

Personally I can’t do something if I can’t really feel for. And I don’t think that I can be unfair to myself n be true to society. Neither will society help me in my bad times. So let people name me quitter, lazy,arrogant I have my reasons and they don’t know..!

I don’t say to be a rebel n don’t listen to anyone.! My point is, it is really important to voice out your opinion.! It is your life and no one will speak for you but yourself.! If things don’t really work your way then learn to accept them too..!

Learn’t it one fine day..!