Expectations:to be had or not.!!

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Don’t know why but I get really bright ideas at night for my blog. May be that’s the time I get to think about myself..! Naa..!! I just keep thinking to fall asleep..!! Hehe. Now coming to the point I was thinking about expectations.! Well as we know and they say, give more expect less.! If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.!So, this made me think is expectation such a bad thing? When ever I saw people who really cared for each other fight, was mostly because one of them expected and felt disappointed.!And  this does not apply only for couples its also true for friends,siblings,between parents and children basically between any two people.I actually thought life would be  a lot easier when  people lower their expectations..! I didn’t really understand why do people expect more and more everyday.! When a person is doing his duty fine, being a good friend, a good partner or a good parent following the basic guidelines what he’s meant to then why expect more and cry.! Is it not enough that he’s fulfilling his duty.!?But u know what..?? Sometimes it really isn’t enough.!! It is easy to look at someone and say you are over reacting you need to control your emotions.! You can only feel the pain when you are in that person’s place.

But then what is the point of having a relationship when u can’t even expect ?? What’s the point of continuous giving when you don’t get something in return? Relation should be a win-win thing right.! So like our elders told us not to expect.!I actually tried to follow that for a change. I tried to master my emotions. Whenever I felt that I’m expecting n feeling disappointed I tried to block my emotion.! I told my self that I won’t let anyone hurt me cause I have my strings attached to them. I will always try giving, because I basically feel really happy in giving and making others happy.! I kept giving and giving and giving..! Whenever I heard a voice inside me saying I deserved some love and care too.. I just blocked it.!In this process of giving I started feeling sad.! That was not usual me.! The real me always feels happy to do something for others. Then why was I developing this negativity?? And then negativity turned into frustration. Frustration that I was only the one trying to make things work, that I’m stupid to care about everyone and people don’t even have time to call back.! And  slowly frustration turned to disappointment that people can never change no matter how much you try.! As girls have mood swings I too had one n kept crying and crying and crying.! Usually crying is kind of my way of releasing pressure.! But no matter how much I cried that feeling would never fade.!

Then it suddenly occurred to me what’s the point of crying? I couldn’t really do anything about my problem. People with whom I had problem with probably didn’t even know I have issues with them  .! So basically it’s not something with which I could deal with or fix it myself. It’s a void that kept growing and I needed their help to fill it. So, I decided that I won’t keep calm anymore.! It’s not a crime to expect.! We build relationships to fulfill our expectations..!That is how we keep growing, learning and making our relationships even more beautiful.!! All you have to do is ask..!!

So people, all I wanted to say was keep expecting, keep loving and keep giving..!! You deserve it all..!! Sometimes its good to think about ourselves too.! You can keep others happy only when you are happy on the inside.! I don’t really agree that suppressing your feeling would do any good to you or your relationship except could just make u feel more ignored on the inside,which keeps getting worse with time.Trust me, when it come out, it’s one of the worst things you can say to them. Let it all out and see how happy you feel when you get what you want.!Keep expecting people( just see that you don’t over do it).! Hehe :P

Learnt it one fine day.!


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